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Why Select Creator

  • We Offer:
    • Free service for general questions regarding intellectual property rights;
    • Watch service upon the client's request;
    • Maillist regarding intellectual properties to our clients;
    • Multiple notices for patent annual fee and trademark extension.
  • Efficiency:
    • We will notify our clients with detailed information as soon as we receive the acceptance from SIPO.
    • We will proceed with the filing to SIPO or CTMO within 10 days for new patent applications, and within 2 days for trademark applications after receiving complete information and documents.
    • Clients' questions will be promptly answered with detailed explanation.
    • Case status will be notified with first priority.
  • Pricing:
    • We will not charge for Chinese or English typing, copying, and reporting fees for notifying approval/publishment.
    • We have very competitive service fees for patent or trademark application.
    • We supply a free pre-search with our database.
    • We will provide favorable discount on a case by case basis.